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Five Most Expensive Cities to Find Property in Romania

Romania is an ancient, charming and quaint country with so much to offer to visitors, tourists and locals. It is home to many beautiful cities where you can enjoy good food, beautiful sights and a comfortable life.

Romania is famous for its beautiful mountains, salt mines, and medieval fortresses. The real estate of Romania is growing rapidly, and the economy is also growing well. An average selling price of apartments rose by 6.44% in 2018.

Here is a list of the five most expensive places to buy property in Romania.

  1. Sibiu

Sibiu is classified among the most beautiful destinations in Europe. This city is present in the heart of the beautiful and famous province of Transylvania.

It is famous for architecture in its old town, Sibiu is the combination between history and the vibrant spirit of the modern European city.

Sibiu has modern infrastructure; it offers not just a sight to visit but an amazing and unforgettable place to live. You can explore the historical center with unique atmospheres, visit the museum, and enjoy outdoor events. You can buy an apartment at an average price of $450,000.

  1. Lasi

It is a small but nice city. This city has many churches and green part. This city is not less interesting than any other city in Romania.

Lasi has a long history of being the cultural and academic center in Eastern Romania. Lasi has gone through a tremendous development in the last decades and has become the fourth most expensive Romanian city. You can buy decent property quickly at an average price of $600,000.

  1. Cluj-Napoca

According to analysis from real estate consulting company Cluj-Napoca is one of the most expensive lands for industrial development, in some places to Cluj-Napoca, the process is even higher than Bucharest.

This city is geographically very attractive and is a very important hub from a logistics standpoint. It is also a highly qualified workplace due to which the prices in Cluj have reached very high. You can buy property at an average price of $1,000,000.

  1. Timisoara

Timisoara is a multicultural city; it is more than eight centuries old and the second most expensive city of Romania. It is a wonderful place to live and visit on vacations.

This city is known for secessionist architecture. Timisoara is not so famous among tourists, but it offers everything for a perfect city break.

Timisoara is also called “city of roses”. This city is not overly crowded, the atmosphere is very lively in summers, and you can enjoy peaceful days here. You can buy luxurious houses at an average price of $1,200,000 in Timisoara.

  1.   Bucharest

Bucharest is by far the most expensive city in Romania. It is the capital and business hub of the country with many banks, start ups and film finance firms. The cost of living is very high in Bucharest as compared to other cities. It is also 438 out of 575 most expensive and luxurious cities to live in the world.

In the 20th century, Bucharest was known as the “Paris of the east”. It is an interesting and entertaining city. In the industrial expansion period, it became the most significant industrial center of Romanian.

If you are a businessman and want to have the most luxurious lifestyle in Romania, then Bucharest is your place to live. You can buy an exclusive house at an average price of $1,700,000.

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