Comparing Quartz and Granite Countertops

When you are looking for options when it comes to beautiful but also durable and practical countertops in the home two of the top choices are granite and quartz countertops, Brick Township, NJ and elsewhere. Here is a look at a comparison of the two materials looking at price, permeability, construction, visual attractiveness and durability.

Looking at pricing of granite and quartz

Both are durable options that will last for many years but in general quartz comes out as just a little less expensive than granite. However, there are high-end options with quarts that will outprice less expensive granite options. Quartz costs vary on a lot of factors and can range between $40 to $85 per square foot for average countertops going up to $150 per square foot for premium ones. Granite starts at around $40 per square foot too and then goes up to $400 per square foot for the highly prized granite.

Exploring the issue of permeability

You do not want a permeable countertop, it means spills will sink in and it will stain easily. Granite if it is not sealed is permeable. This means if liquids are not cleaned up quickly they will sink in and stain. That is why when it comes to granite installers will advise you to have it re-sealed at least once a year and that process makes it resistant to stains and such. This is why some people choose quartz countertops Wall NJ because you do not need to reseal quartz, it is non-porous already.

How are they constructed?

Granite is mined as an ore, then cut and polished. The countertops are created from solid granite slabs. The more countertops you need the harder it is to have the same pattern of granite for each one. The longer the countertop you need, the larger the size slab you need. With quartz, it is engineered so that a mix of crushed quartz and then resin are combined. It can be made into all kinds of molds in different shapes and sizes and you can get it in different colors too.


The visual appeal of a material is a personal one. However, the appeal to a lot of people with granite is its natural beauty. You can get it in different colors, and different patterns with striations and swirls and such. You do not get the random natural beauty you have with granite in quartz countertops Brick Township NJ. But When you are looking for all your countertops to match or you want something more unfirm in appearance, quartz countertops have their own beauty to offer a kitchen or bathroom.


When it comes to natural durability both are great but quartz countertops, Wall, NJ probably win because they are not easily damaged or scratched. Granite needs to be kept re-sealed to maintain some of its resistance. Typically quartz will outlast other natural stones like soapstone or marble, and even granite on many occasions. Granite is still a very durable choice though, better than most other natural stone options.

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