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Overview of the Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse square

Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square is a real estate broker located in the heart of Philadelphia. The company specializes in luxury real estate, especially in Rittenhouse Square, one of the city’s most elegant and desirable areas. Here’s everything you need to know about Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square.


Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square was founded by Frank L. DeFazio, a real estate agent with over two decades of experience in the industry. The brokerage was founded with a focus on providing personalized and specialized services to buyers and sellers in the luxury real estate market. Since its inception, the firm has grown to become one of the premier real estate firms in Philadelphia.


Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square provides a full range of real estate services to buyers, sellers, and investors. These services include property search and selection. The broker specializes in high-end real estate, including luxury condos, townhouses, and single detached houses.


The team at Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square is comprised of experienced and knowledgeable real estate professionals who are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to their clients. Company representatives have a deep understanding of the Rittenhouse Square market and are well-versed in the latest real estate trends and technology. They work closely with buyers and sellers to help them meet their real estate goals and provide expert advice throughout the entire transaction process.

Hiring a realtor while going through a divorce:

Whether you are looking for a new place to live or need a broker to help you sell your property? Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square is here to help. With over 50 years of experience, they understand the financial and practical challenges that come with significant life events like divorce. They will take care of your needs at our utmost discretion so you can enter the next chapter of life with safety and peace of mind.

Maxwell Realty Rittenhouse Square is the top real estate brokerage in Philadelphia specializes in luxury real estate in Rittenhouse Square with a focus on personalized service, expert advice, and community participation. The company is dedicated to helping clients achieve their real estate goals and making a positive impact in their local communities.

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