3 Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Cabinet’s Storage

Maintaining cleanliness in your kitchen extends to arranging your items in the kitchen cabinets Buena Park. These nifty storage spaces may look simple but significantly add to your home’s overall aesthetic and value.

It is easy for most homeowners to overlook their kitchen cabinets Anaheim, often leaving them disorganized and crowded. Fortunately, there are many solutions to maximize the storage potential of your cabinets. 

Whether you have a small or big cooking space, here are some tips to make the most out of your cabinet space:

Arrange the Shelves

You may have never thought of moving the shelves of your cabinet around before. This simple trick will make the storage space bigger, allowing you to fit more items than you normally could.

For instance, you can move the top shelf down if there is plenty of wasted space between the top and bottom. Adjusting the height of the shelves can help your cabinets accommodate tall articles like bottles.

If more space is left in your cabinets, consider using shelf risers to double the usable capacity.

Install Hooks

While they may not look like it, the doors and bottoms of your cabinets can hold various kitchen items.

Transform your kitchen cabinet’s doors into an additional storage area by adding hooks behind it. You can hang items like ladles, measuring spoons, mixer accessories, and cups here. You can even hang a small basket to store utensils.

You can also place hooks at the bottom of your cabinets to hold small tools and your favorite mugs. For a quirkier twist, attach magnetic straps for a floating spice rack.

Use Lazy Susans

One of the most common inconveniences you can encounter is reaching into your cabinets for items stuck at the back. 

But instead of stuffing your kitchen cabinets with items, spend time rummaging for the one thing you need, and arrange them on spinning lazy susans. These rotating dishes ensure 360° access to all articles without pulling everything out.

Kitchen Cabinets in California

There are many more ways to enhance the storage capabilities of your kitchen cabinets. To learn more about practical and appealing cabinet designs, visit Kitchen and Bath Design Center.

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