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9 Things You Should Never Put Down Your Drain

Did you know that dumping is illegal in the city of Melbourne? Once caught, you could be charged with a hefty fine. That’s because dumping triggers a lot of problems both to the community and to every individual. The same aftermath applies when you do a lot of dumping on your toilet bowl or kitchen sink.

When searching for a blocked drain plumber Melbourne may have a list of the best choices. However, this is not an excuse that you can just dump anything down your drain just because you know there’s a professional who can fix it. You’ll be surprised as to how much the repair may cost.

To help you on knowing some of the things that you should never put down your drain and up calling drain cleaning torrance ca, here are some examples.


You may not know it, but pasta contains semolina that could swell when flushed down the kitchen sink. The result — a drain blockage and this can even lead to other plumbing problems.

Egg Shells

Shells actually increase granular waste. Moreover, it’s also prone to collecting other forms of waste. With this possibility, you already know the problem it can cause when flushed down the drain.

Cooking Oil 

Cooking oil can also mix with other forms of waste products, hence, leading to drain blockages. In fact, a lot of Western countries do experience drain blockages due to countless households flushing cooking oil down the kitchen sink. Aside from cooking oil, refrain from draining mayonnaise and salad dressings as well.

Motor Oil 

Just like cooking oil, motor oil should never be near pipes like storm and household drains. If you follow this reminder, you are doing the waterways a big favour by protecting them.

Animal Feces

Animal feces are not only dirty, these are perfect homes to vermin and bacteria as well. If you have pets at home, it’s recommended to ask your local government unit or your pet’s veterinarian about the suitable locations near you to dispose of animal feces.


Oh yes, condoms can also block drainage especially those which are not made of latex. So after having an enjoyable and intimate moment, always dispose your condom properly. A recommended place for disposal would be a waste management centre, due to its presence of human fluids. If a condom is flushed down and reaches the ocean, aquatic animals may see it as food.


Unlike toilet papers which easily disintegrate, wipes are composed of congealed grease which can lead to blocked drains. Wipes when not properly disposed can also harm wastewater treatment centres, causing additional expenses.

Some Cleaning Solutions

For cleaning solutions which contain phosphates and antibacterial agents, flushing them down the drain is a bad idea as this can damage the water’s ecosystems.


Medicines should be properly disposed on medical waste disposal units and not down the drain. If you don’t know where these units are located, you can ask the nearest pharmacy.

There are more other things that are not recommended to be thrown down the drain. If you’re unsure, you can always consult Google or contact your professional plumber.

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