Top Tips for a Healthy Drainage System

Maintaining a healthy drainage system is good for your home’s sanitation but is also essential in keeping the value of your home high. To keep this important system in your home functioning efficiently, the best thing you can do and practice as a homeowner is regular maintenance and prevention. As the saying goes, prevention is indeed better than a cure.

Draining systems are bound to fail as your home gets older. However, you can minimise such issues and prolong the lifespan of your drainage systems with regular visits, check-ups and maintenance work done by your trusted plumber. A blocked drain plumber Sydney tradesman is your best partner in keeping your drainage systems working efficiently.

Here are five maintenance and prevention tips you should pay attention to, together with your trusted plumber to keep your drainage system in top working condition.

Installation of Drain Guards

Drain guards may be small, but they play a significant role in keeping foreign objects and debris from entering your drainage system. These tools make it possible to prevent severe clogged and blockages on your drain. The accessory is a metal or plastic instrument that is attached to the drain. Although it does not completely eliminate the need to constantly clean your drains, having drain guards makes it possible to clean your drains less frequently. Drain guards can be purchased from any hardware or plumbing store and can be installed and replaced without the help of a plumbing professional.

Proper Garbage Disposal

To prevent any foreign material from entering your drains and causing clogs and blogs, proper garbage disposal should be practiced in your homes. As much as possible segregate thrash and throw them accordingly on their respective bins.

Use Drain Cleaners

Clean your drains with drain cleaners on a regular basis. Drain cleaners are often used to address small clogs and blockages, but should be always used with precaution.  It would be ideal to ask a licensed plumber if using a drain is feasible for the type of material your drains are made out of. Cleaners are usually poured down the drain to dissolve clogs. Most drain cleaners are made of chemicals and can have a negative effect on the environment. It would be best to avoid using them unless necessary.

Water Pressure Checks

Regular water pressure checks give you an idea on the current state of your drainage system. A very high water pressure can be damaging to your pipes and may even cause cracks and pipe bursts. Meanwhile, a slow water pressure can also compromise your drainage systems. Areas in your home with low water pressure can trigger drainage issues in the long run. Drain blocks can be sometimes caused by poor water pressure in the household. You can invest in a water pressure checker or have it included in the items that are regularly checked whenever you have a plumbing maintenance schedule.

Regular Inspections

Large drainage problems can be avoided if you have your drainage systems regularly checked by a professional. Some drainage issues are not so noticeable and if left unnoticed can cause major problems not only in your drainage system but as well as the rest of your home plumbing. commercial drainage repair greenville nc and replacements can be easily addressed if you have your drainage system checked and inspected by your trusted local plumbing professional.

Keep your drainage systems working efficiently and extend the lifespan of your drainage pipes with regular prevention and maintenance. Ask your plumbing specialists with the best practices to keep your drainage working well and the habits to avoid that may cause damage to your drains.

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