Texas Municipal Pipe Lining: How CIPP Saves The Day

When it comes to dealing with pipe damages, it can get very complicated, especially when it comes to the city and municipal pipe lining. Think of all the private properties that would be affected during the project. In addition to this, you still have to worry about time and cost. So, the question now would be “Is there a way to make all of this a lot easier?” The short answer is Yes!

What is CIPP?

Cured in place pipe lining or CIPP is a method for repairing broken and cracked sewer pipes. The difference between the traditional way of fixing pipes versus CIPP is that CIPP can help agencies maintain old pipes and complete municipal pipe lining projects on time at a lower cost.

How can Municipal Pipe Lining benefit from CIPP?

Municipal pipe lining excavation can take days, even up to weeks, to complete. It disrupts everyday foot traffic and it can be very expensive and frustrating, not to mention, potentially unsafe for everyone involved.

With CIPP, you’ll be able to solve an array of plumbing system piping issues. This method is cheaper and faster, too! A CIPP lining fix allows you to reconnect those that are in separations between sections of the line. This also works for leaking, cracked, or broken pipes.

CIPP lining is highly beneficial because it greatly improves the flow of sewage in municipal waterways. As a result, you no longer have to worry too much about flooding, making everyday life in the residential or commercial area uninterrupted.

Aside from municipal sewer pipes, CIPP can also be used in fire suppression, compressed air, and HVAC systems. It’s super reliable that it can also be used in residential and commercial sewer pipes, as well as industrial and federal pipe systems. CIPP is very versatile and customizable that it can be used to repair or replace any kind of pipe that may be currently in use.

How does CIPP work?

The first step in CIPP is micro-cleaning the existing pipes. The goal here is to remove any sediments or buildup to get close to the original surface. A felt liner that is soaked in epoxy is then installed and pushed into the interior of the existing pipe and sewer line. This act also helps dislodge anything that may be clogging it.

This pipe lining functions as a structural lining, which is a great benefit because it lowers the chances of corrosion and deterioration. CIPP lining is an amazing method because, after it’s installation, water, and other waste materials can now flow freely through the pipe and sewer line.


Maintaining municipal waterways is hard work because you also have to take into account the safety and operation of the entire community. As the waterways age, municipalities are looking for a more modern method of repairing pipes, one that is efficient and cost-effective. Well, the CIPP method is both safe and a fast solution to issues pertaining to waterflow control. This technology lets you address pipe issues without shutting down the community.

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