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     Why You Should Hire Professional Painters To Paint Your Nursery


Having a baby can be extremely exciting. From buying new clothes to preparing a nursery, you’ll do whatever it takes to welcome the little addition to your family. But a lot goes in while getting ready to paint your nursery. From colors to paint finishes, hiring a painter to deal with the residential painting palm beach county fl can ensure that it turns out just like you want. To help make this process easier, consider hiring painters loveland.

The average salary of a painter is $21.02 per hour. Opting for painting contractors burlington will get you the best results while freeing up your schedule. So, if you, too, are looking to paint a nursery, here are some things that your painter will do to ensure that your baby is safe and happy.

  • Ensure Your Child’s Safety

Most paint contains heavy amounts of toxic substances such as volatile organic compounds. You must keep these hazardous substances away from your newborn. VOCs are toxins that are harmful to inhale and are emitted by solvents. Thus, start by finding painters who use paints with Low-VOC or No-VOC found in colors. 

  • Understand The Color Palette For Kids

Once your painter has found the perfect brand, you can now look through the shade range for the correct paint color for the nursery. Your color expert will most likely advise you to opt for light pastel colors and some bright, saturated shades to help create the perfect balance of hues. 

If you’re having a baby girl, you could choose colors like baby pink, lavender, blush, or a light shade of mauve for a charming princess-like appeal. On the other hand, colors such as baby blue are pretty famous for baby boys. Shades of green, yellow, or gray are ideal if you don’t wish to conform to any assigned gender-specific colors. 

No matter your color, the paint expert will ensure that you pick shades on the lighter end of the spectrum to ensure the room is bright and welcoming. With around 540 painters in Loveland, this place has a decent number of professionals to help you with a suitable color theme. 

  • Reduce Any Glare In The Nursery 

Painting your nursery’s walls with light and bright colors can be great until you see the amount of glare coming off them. Since glare can be highly irritating to your newborn’s eyes, painting firms will use paints that will keep the glare out to ensure that your baby is soothed and warm in their room. They will opt for colors with a Light Reflective Value of 60, or lower should do the trick. 

Since Loveland is the second most populous and third largest city in Colorado, finding reliable painters won’t be challenging. Thus, if you’re looking for any painting advice, consider reaching out to professional painters in Loveland to help you make the right decision. 

  • Give Perfect Finishing Touches

When you sit down to decide on the paint, your painter will ask you to avoid anything with a matte finish since they are difficult to clean and can get soiled when exposed to cleaning agents. Glossy colors, on the other hand, are highly reflective and can result in lots of glare, making them counterintuitive. 

One of the best finishes that most painters swear by is eggshell. It offers a mild sheen while providing high durability and excellent resistance to staining. It is ideal in a nursery that can get dirty quickly and requires regular cleaning for upkeep. 

Final Words

Parents envision the best for their kids right from the time they are born. It begins with preparing a nursery for them. So don’t avoid professional services. From designing your nursery to ensuring a high-quality paint job, hire trained painters to bring your dreams to life. 


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