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Finding Your Ideal Home Style in Corona del Mar

If you have always desired to experience the amazing Southern California beach lifestyle, it is worth looking into buying a home in Corona del Mar. This “Crown of the Sea” sticks out among the numerous beautiful coastal communities in the area. But how do you know which home style is appropriate for you in such an area packed with various housing styles? This post will provide insights into some of the most popular home styles in Corona del Mar. Read on to learn more!

California Beach Cottage

A California beach cottage best encapsulates the breezy, relaxed lifestyle of California coastal living. Most classic cottages date back to the 1930s and 1940s, but have been renovated to meet contemporary standards. Nonetheless, most still retain their immediately recognizable charm.

These cottages feature hardwood floors, exposed wood beams, and bright living spaces with numerous windows to allow natural light. If you want to check out some California beach cottages, talk to a Corona del Mar real estate agent.

Renovations are frequently focused on extending a cottage’s signature modest cooking area. However, the small footprint preserves the space’s warm lodgings, promoting a festive environment when preparing a meal.

Mid-Century Modern Homes

Built between 1945 and the 1970s, most mid-century modern residences in Corona Del Mar were constructed at the height of the design movement’s popularity. Best defined as minimalism with a beachy flair, these properties make great use of the oceanside surroundings.

The low-pitched roofs, clean lines, and assortment of materials popularized by this home style blend perfectly with their surroundings. Plenty of light is the main draw of the city’s collection of mid-century modern architecture.

As with cottages, most mid-century modern houses have also received renovations to ensure continued livability.

Mediterranean or Tuscan Homes

Mediterranean home styles blend various aesthetics, including Italian and Spanish elements. The stucco exteriors, oversized patios, and loggias make these homes a perfect fit for Corona Del Mar’s seaside location.

Tuscan houses have more distinctive features, such as imposing stucco or stone walls, stately columns, bold tile roofs, and many archways. The design inspiration comes from Tuscany’s distinct aesthetics, which are more extravagant than the rest of Italy or the Mediterranean.

Contemporary Homes

Incorporating current design ideas and various styles like home office, including ranch and Craftsman, a modern home installing contemporary flair is a common sight along the Orange County coast. The contemporary home design’s expansive windows capitalize on the landscape, inviting the essence of the seaside indoors.

The melding of materials echoes mid-century aesthetics. Given the trend of recently refurbished mid-century homes installing contemporary design elements, it’s easy to conflate the two house styles.

Further distinguished by clean, geometric lines and spacious, open floor layouts conducive to family gatherings or entertainment, a wide range of contemporary homes populate this area. Often favored as second homes or vacation properties, these residences offer a modern retreat by the coast.

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