Bamboo Kitchen Countertops

While many people talk about granite or quartz countertops there are a lot of other materials you might consider and bamboo kitchen countertops, Brick Township, NJ is just one of them. They are becoming more popular not just because of how attractive they are but also for being eco-friendly which is a very important issue today. Here is a closer look at bamboo countertops.

How are they made?

There are a few ways that bamboo countertops might be made and that will depend on your personal preference when you take a look at them and decide what to buy. One example is when laminate is used and then small strips of bamboo are stuck together to create planks and then the separate planks are stuck together using a non-toxic adhesive. Usually, they are then sent out at that point and then when they are delivered on site, the installers will finish them off these kitchen countertops, Egg Harbor Township with a sealer. To maintain their ecofriendly nature you should make sure that a low VOC sealer is applied.

Why are bamboo countertops a greener choice?

In recent years bamboo has grown to be a popular option for many things when looking for green products because essentially it is so easy to replace and regrow. It grows very quickly and so using it is not damaging forest or the environment. There has been a huge growth in where bamboo is used, cabinets, furniture, flooring and yes kitchen countertops Brick Township NJ and around the world. Some bamboo types even grow as much as a foot a day!

People think it is not as strong as wood but this is not true at all. It has been proven to be at least as durable as the majority of hardwoods so you can look forward to a bamboo countertop lasting for many years. That makes it even better for the environment because it is not being replaced every few years. Additionally, it is a material that is easy to recycle when the items do come to the end of their lives so they are not filling up dump sites and landfills and adding to the problems our planet faces.

Looking after bamboo countertops

When you are thinking about getting new kitchen countertops Egg Harbor Township you should seriously consider your options carefully. Bamboo is very easy to look after. You just clean it with a gentle soap and warm water. Do not put extremely hot pans straight into them though, and take care to use a chopping board rather than cutting straight onto it as that will show up on the surface. Your countertop will look better for longer when you take care of it.


If you are looking for options for your kitchen countertops and you love the look of wood but are concerned about the environment or just want something a little different take a look at bamboo. It is attractive and affordable and is definitely going to last a long time.

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