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A Guide on Everything You Should know about Pre-cut Wood Pallets 

Wooden pallets, both softwood and hardwood, have to be of a certain standard and quality. Whether it’s for building fences or bins for transportation of goods, the quality differs from seller to seller. If you’re in the business of producing furniture or fences, buying pre-cut pallets can be a very cost-effective option. The condition being, the seller you’re buying from should be trustworthy. 

Considering the fact that it isn’t easy to identify which sellers should be trusted, in this guide, we will be talking about certain factors that you should focus on when picking a pallet seller to do business with. Have a look!

How to Choose the Right Suppliers? 

Certain suppliers such as the Spec Wood spf low grade Wood suppliers are the kind of sellers you should trust. Some of the reasons that these are the right suppliers are as follows. 

  1. They Have a Very Stringent Quality Check Procedure

Not every seller takes pallet production as seriously as the Spec Wood firm does. They are associated with many small production mills all across Canada. Hence, they focus on quality control. They send out their team of experts to every single mill. 

Before dispatching the products to their clients, they check every single batch for quality. 

  1. They Supply Highest Quality Products 

They use the finest quality softwood such as spruce and cedar and hardwoods such as lumber for industrial purposes. The materials are checked for thickness, width, length, and knots. The reason being, every variation can result in entirely different pallets from what the client requires in terms of texture and even color and shape. 

  1. They are Thorough Professionals

Whether it’s their marketing team, logistics team, quality-analysis team, sawing team, or manufacturing team, each one of them works with the motive to help you have a smooth relationship with your customers. 

That being said, let’s also take you through some of the benefits of using softwood such as pre-cut spruce and cedar for fencing. 

Why are Softwood Pallets Popular? 

There are many reasons that the demand for pre-cut softwood for fencing is increasing. Some of the most relevant ones are as follows. 

  1. It’s a lot simpler to achieve the desired thickness since softwood is easier to cut.  
  2. Being soft, softwood can be cut into different designs. 
  3. Spruce comes in naturally beautiful shades. The most popular ones at Spec Wood include red spruce, black spruce, and white spruce. Besides, it’s simpler to design them in any other color that the customer wants. 

Needless to say, a lot about your relationship with your customers will depend upon the suppliers you pick. So, be very careful and keep all the factors we have listed above in mind before making a final call. 

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