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When to Hire a Gas Fitter or a Plumber?

Do you need to hire a gas fitter or a plumber for Gas Equipment Installation houston, tx? This may somewhat be confusing especially if you don’t know how your gas and plumbing system work. You may need to clearly identify what type of expert you should hire. Here are some basic steps to know when to hire gas fitter Sydney.

What are Gas Fitters?

A gas fitter is an expert in servicing gas appliances and doing gas line repair rockville md. He may work in commercial, industrial, or residential areas. He can install gas appliances like cookers, heaters, furnaces, etc. He can also fit gas pipes as needed. Most importantly, a gas fitter can help in the repair or replacement of appliances run by gas. Among the common tasks of a gas fitter perform are:

Most importantly, a gas fitter can help in the repair or replacement of appliances run by gas. Among the common tasks of a gas fitter perform are:

  • Flues installation for gas appliances
  • Gas detector and regulator installation
  • Gas pipe installation
  • Gas-run appliances installation
  • Interpret gas pipe plans and specifications
  • LPG system installation on boats and caravans
  • Mark and measure the place where to install gas equipment
  • Perform maintenance on gas appliances
  • Safety education about gas appliances and pipes
  • Test gas appliances and pipes

What is a Plumber?

A Plumber is an expert in the installation and repair of water pipes, and sometimes, gas too. They can also work in commercial, industrial, or residential areas. Plumbers can install fixtures like bathtubs, drains, faucets, sinks, toilets, and washers.

Most of the time, plumbers work alongside construction areas to install the water pipes on new houses or buildings. Among the common tasks performed by plumbers are:

  • Clear obstructions from sink and toilets drain
  • Fixed water pipe or water heater burst and leaks
  • Perform plumbing system maintenance
  • Pipe and plumbing fixtures installation
  • Pipe and plumbing repairs
  • Replace broken pipes and water heaters
  • Visual inspection of pressure and vacuum gauges

Difference Between a Gas Fitter and Plumber

Gas fitting involves gas installations, both removal and set up. Always remember that gas is flammable and can be destructive or toxic in some cases, which is why you need a licensed gas fitter to perform gas works.

In Australia, a gas fitter is someone who trained and passed the Gas Fitting Certification III from the Department of Mines and Energy. The course is open to both on-trade or trade persons with a background in electrical, electronics, mechanical, and similar fields.

Plumbing refers to any operations performed to convey a clean water supply and liquid waste management. A licensed plumber in Australia has undergone a 4-yr apprenticeship and passes the Certificate IV Plumbing license from the Queensland Building Construction Commission. Should a plumber wish to be a gas fitter, he will need to apply for a separate interim license on gas fitting.

When to Hire Gas Fitters or Plumbers?

It is very important to know when to hire gas fitters or plumbers.

The general rule is to hire a gas fitter in Sydney for gas appliances, gas connections, and gas pipeline issues. Even a simple gas meter removal can be dangerous if not performed by an expert in gas fitting.

A gas fitter is trained and licensed to work on gas systems. You can hire a gas fitter for the installation of your bayonetted points, cooktops, gas BBQs, upright cookers, and wall ovens.

On the other hand, you may need to hire a plumber for any issues with your plumbing system, water heater, and water pipelines. A licensed Australian plumber can also be a drainer, gas-fitter, and roofer. Be sure to check what is clearly stated on their license. If you need someone who can do both gas-related and water-related repairs, hiring a plumber who’s a certified gas fitter is a better option.

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