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What is bardominium? Could it be your next home?

You may not be familiar with the Barndominium style, but this style is growing in popularity. barndominium, also known as “barndos”, began as a practical housing option. Many farmers and ranchers built an attic over their working barn to keep their keepers close by.

Today, barn dominiums are becoming more popular for luxury homes and vacation rentals, especially in upscale rural areas with ranches and vineyards. Fixer Upper’s Chip and Joanna Gaines remodeled a barn for the show and caused a stir on social media about these unique homes. Most of Barndo’s designs use a steel hull, adding to her myriad interior customization options.

  • Advantages of Barndominium homes
  • There may not be a “typical” Barndominium, but most share some key advantages.
  • Simplicity: Barndos are often built as shells with simple internal frames.
  • Construction Time: The popular metal shell construction is quick to put up. o Durability: Metal bars can withstand the elements and outlast most standard building materials.
  • Flexibility: Barndominiums can be configured as residential or work/living spaces.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Lifestyle: Rolling doors and large windows promote indoor and outdoor living.
  • Design the interior of your dream barn

One of the barndo’s features that owners love the most is the interior design flexibility of the new space. Some rooms  require  specific locations for plumbing and other utilities built into the home. In addition, the layout of the interior  can be individually adjusted to suit your needs.

Before you start sketching your interior design, first plan your essential needs, such as square footage and how each space will be used. Knowing how to live in your own home is essential to comfortable design. Barndominiums are often best suited as open concept homes with an attic.

Barund structures facilitate both indoor and outdoor living. Roller doors, large windows and a wraparound deck give the living space an open feel.

Furniture tips for this open concept house

barndominium is truly an open concept house. Any open plan interior design tips and ideas will definitely work here. When decorating a barn or a large room in the house, color can be the easiest and best tool to define the space. To unify large open spaces, colorful stripes surrounding the room can make it feel more intimate. Accent walls are still very trendy and can bring focus to large open spaces. Remember that the ceiling can also be an accent wall.

Arranging furniture in the main areas of a large barn can be difficult, but here are some tips  to help you achieve a balanced look with ease.

Large pieces of furniture such as sectional chairs or oversized chairs to fill the space without making it too busy.

Create areas within a room: By grouping furniture together for conversation and dining areas, you can eliminate the “furniture store” look found in many open plan layouts.

Use color for unity: When grouping furniture in the Barndo Great Room, he sticks to one color palette for all areas where he places furniture. Then your color will tie everything together.

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