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What causes a carpet to buckle or ripple?

You may have seen your carpet developing wrinkles and becoming loose. Sometimes, ripples or waves start to appear on the carpet resulting in uneven surfaces. This condition of the carpet refers to buckling or rippling or wrinkling.

Have you ever wondered why your carpet buckles or ripples? Here are the top causes of your carpet buckling or rippling.

Improper installation of the carpet causes carpet buckling.

  • While installing a wall-to-wall carpet, it should be extended firmly and make sure that it is well secured in place with strips along its edges. Tight stretching of the carpet while installation lessens the possibilities of buckling.
  • The carpet loosens slightly when the installer does not stretch the carpet tight enough.
  • If the conditions of the carpet storage place differ from that of the installation place, let the carpet to acclimate before installation. A less or no acclimation time causes the carpet to buckle or ripple.

Humidity causes the carpet to ripple.

  • One of the greatest culprits of carpet rippling is the humidity. Carpet rippling is particularly regular during the summer season due to drastic changes in weather conditions from cooler months like winter.
  • One of the ways to prevent rippling of the carpet during the summer season is to run the Air-conditioner or dehumidifier. Both of them reduce the humidity or dampness and doesn’t allow the formation of ripples.

Incorrect underpad usage causes the carpet to ripple.

  • The usage of an incorrect underpad often leads to the carpet buckling.
  • If the cushion or pad used is not dense enough to adequately uphold the carpet or too much flexibility is allowed, carpet buckles or ripples.
  • Two ways to overcome this problem is by using the right cushion or underpad and carpet stretching.

Dragging heavy items causes carpet buckling.

  • Dragging a heavy item or furniture across the surface of the carpet can cause the carpet to buckle or stretch.

The best way to overcome this problem is by taking certain essential measures and precautions.

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