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What are the harmful effects of asbestos exposure?

In the construction business, many materials give substantial structure and strength to a building. Some materials can be quite dangerous for human beings if they get exposed to them, like asbestos. It was commonly used in old times in many buildings. In Newcastle, more than 3000 buildings constructed till the 1980s contained asbestos, but it was later banned from construction in 2003. However, you can find a residential asbestos removalist in Newcastle if you think your house has it.

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral substance commonly retracted from soil and rocks. It is famous for its heat-resistant qualities, which is why it was used to give the structure a non-flammable and heat resistance feature. The common areas where asbestos was used are roofing, binding agents for ceiling and floor tiles, heat-resistant products like automobile machinery, fabrics, coatings, wooden floorings, textured paints, etc.

However, it can easily be exposed to air by impact, demolition, repair, and maintenance work. If a person is exposed to it either by inhalation or consumption, it can lead to serious health issues. The following points list some diseases that can result from asbestos exposure.


If a building has asbestos used in its construction material, it can get exposed to the air in microfibers because of disturbances. If one inhales these fibres, it can scratch their lungs, making it hard for them to breathe. However, the effects only appear after years of exposure. Hence, getting your house tested for asbestos presence is essential to prevent exposure; otherwise, it will give you irreparable damage in later years.

Pleural disease

It is a type of disease that leads to thickening membranes in the lungs and chest cavity. Asbestos exposure can also lead to pleural effusion, which leads to the development of fluid around the lungs. It takes more than a decade to develop, which is why the person may have difficulty breathing after some years. But if the person has a smoking habit, they may experience the symptoms soon.

Lung cancer

If a person thinks he is exposed to asbestos, he can also develop lung cancer in which a malignant tumour forms in the lungs, making it difficult for air to pass through the passages.


It is a rare type of cancer in which tumorous layers start forming inside lung membranes, chest cavity, abdominal cavity, and other internal organs. However, the person will not see the symptoms until 20 to 30 years after exposure, but the damage will be irreparable once they start appearing.

Other cancers

According to many cancer experts, asbestos exposure can also lead to cancers of the larynx, colorectum, stomach, pharynx, and ovaries. So, if you have been exposed to it, you must consult your doctor and get it examined so that you can treat it before it damages you.

These points list some diseases that can occur after asbestos exposure. If there is a chance of asbestos usage in your house, you must find a residential asbestos removalist in Newcastle, Australia. Healthcare experts advise people to get their houses checked and prevent asbestos exposure. They should also get a regular physical examination to keep their health in check. Moreover, they should avoid going to places and using things that contain asbestos. One should not take it lightly because it can lead to some serious health troubles in later phases of life.

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