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What are coating machines?

Coating machines are the machines used in the food industry to coat different food products in targeted portions. Coating the food products is an important process of food processing as it determines the whole taste of the product. Coating machines can be used to coat any kind of ingredients from dry ingredients to liquid ingredients.

Some machines can be automatic, which can coat any kind of ingredients. Different types of coating machines are available in the market that can be used as per our needs. In a basic coating machine, the foodstuff is first placed in the coating machine, and then the coating ingredients. With the help of electricity, the coating machines apply the coating ingredients to the foodstuff.

These machines make the end product attractive to the customers, thereby increasing the sales rate.

Different types of coating machines

There are different kinds of coating machines categorized as per their requirements. New coating machines with different specialties are being invented consistently nowadays. The basic coating machines can be categorized into 3 types.

  • Spice coating machines: These coating machines are used to coat sugar and different spices on hazelnuts, walnuts, peanuts, almonds, and whole and grain nuts. It is run with electricity. The process is very simple. First, the foodstuff and coating ingredients are placed in the roller or drum-like part of the machine. Then the machine is switched on. The spices and sugar are coated as the drum rotates and the coating is done. This type of coating is done in batches.
  • Liquid coating machines: These machines are used to coat liquid over different dry ingredients. It can be liquid chocolate or anything other liquid ingredients that can be coated on dry ingredients.
  • Automatic coating machines: These machines are a lot more advanced and flexible. These machines can be used to apply any kind of ingredients. We can apply batter, crumbs, and spices. These machines are primarily used in the seafood, beef, and chicken food industries. These make the process of freezing which comes after coating much more effective. Even though these machines are a little pricier, they are fast and effective, saving a lot of production time. These machines are very popular presently.

Benefits of coating machines

Coating machines have a lot of benefits

  • Makes food appealing: Coating machines increase the taste, color, and texture of the food product. It enhances the quality of the product at the end. Different stages of layering on foodstuff increase the volume of the food product.
  • Makes the further processes easy: Coating machines can ease the next few processes. For example, the coating can protect the food from the potential damage of the freezing process which is done after coating. It helps in the safe delivery of the products to the customers.
  • Additional features: Coating machines nowadays have added benefits like ease of cleaning, prevention of liquid spraying which can prevent the wastage of company downtime.

They increase the standards of the product. With all the above benefits, coating machines are used excessively in food industries. They are very helpful in the long-term development of the companies.

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