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Water Damage Checklist (What you should do not immediately)

One of the most annoying and damaging things that may happen to your house is water damage. A malfunctioning appliance, a leaking line from a second-floor washing machine, a sewer backup, and other scenarios can all cause water damage. Every case is a little different, and several cleanup techniques may be required. Whatever the cause of the water damage, you must follow a few standard protocols until a pro can evaluate the issue.

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Locate The Source.

Finding the source of the water must be done as soon as you notice standing water in any section of your home. Stop the water right away to stop further harm to your home and possessions. This can entail closing off the water supply to your house entirely or contacting a specialist immediately soon. The priority is always to prevent more water from getting inside your house.

Maintain Your House.

You must take precautions for both your home and your possessions to stop future harm. If water enters receptacles or reaches exposed wires, your home could become a disaster, therefore you should cut off the electricity. Also, until your house is repaired, you should move all of your possessions to a part of the house that was not affected by water or to a friend’s or family member’s home.

Make an Insurance Company Call.

You should get in touch with your insurance provider as soon as you get the issue in command and your house is no longer in immediate danger. Start the quote process so you can see what will and won’t be covered. To assist you in your procedure, ask them for names of businesses that they might have contracts with.

Beginning Water Damage Restoration.

Many of the most serious damage that may occur in a property can be brought on by water. To avoid mold expansion and structural damage to the house, begin the repairs as soon as you can. To assist you in properly cleaning and repairing your house, you should get in touch with a water damage restoration business like COIT Cleaning and Restoration.

Dry Your House.

Your house has to be dried out as quickly as possible. Eliminate the humidity that is present in the house, which entails draining water and employing fans. A wet vac or dehumidification are just a couple of the tools you can utilize to aid. For a few days, you should allow the fans to run to get rid of all the humidity and let your house return to normal.

Search for mold.

Mold can grow in as little as 24 hours. You run the risk of being exposed to mold if your house is not cleaned out and restored within this time frame. You should conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home to look for mold in the drywall, carpets, walls, and other areas.

Doing a U-turn

You’ll most likely need to stay at the hotel or with family and friends while the damage is being repaired and remedied. It can take a few weeks to restore normalcy to your home. Try to wait until your house has been completely evaluated for mold or structural damage before moving back in or living there. You can travel back in as soon as you have the “all clear”.

In addition to serious property damage, unmanaged water damage can seriously harm your health. Although water damage might not seem to be a serious problem right immediately, it should always be attended to right away.

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