Ultimate Living Guide for Falmouth

Falmouth, rated among the “top destinations to reside in the Southwest,” is a community brimming with life and opportunity. The town has a fantastic range of lifestyle activities, as well as an outstanding assortment of stores, restaurants, and bars, along with, of course, oceanfront cafés. Falmouth has several top-regarded schools and is certainly a location to consider if you want to migrate to Cornwall.

If you are interested in some of the homes for sale in Falmouth, this guide will make your life more comfortable once you relocate.

Things to do in Falmouth

Falmouth has an extraordinarily diverse assortment of businesses and dining establishments, with the latter benefiting the fishing sector owing to its geographical position. You’ll find a decent mix of indie and chain eateries throughout town and likely discover something you’ll enjoy. On the other hand, the main street is usually packed and bustling with activity when it involves shopping in Falmouth. Truro, Cornwall’s sole city, is just a 15-minute drive away, meaning you’ll never fall short of shopping opportunities. Several sports teams and leisure activities are also available to individuals considering relocating to Falmouth.

Falmouth’s Living Expenses

Examining the cost of living in Falmouth before relocating is a good idea. Many people wonder whether Falmouth is costly; the answer is that it’s less costly than you imagine. The 2021 Cape Cod Cost of Living Index was 128.5, indicating that living on the Cape is 28.5% more costly than living elsewhere. To put everything in context, the COLI for Massachusetts is 135, and it’s 153.2 in the Boston metro region. Living in Falmouth is less costly than most other places in the state.

Falmouth real estate properties are currently in great demand. The typical price of a property for sale in Falmouth, MA, is $730,000, a 14.1% increase year over year. Most Falmouth individuals own a property, and the neighborhood doesn’t have much for renters. However, some rental buildings may be found here and there.

Nightlife and Festivals

This is an excellent place to go if you’re into a nice festival! Falmouth has a busy event schedule. Here are a few examples: The Wonderfal music festival takes place in April, while the Falmouth Food Festival takes place at the end of May. The International Sea Shanty Festival takes place in June, the Falmouth Cringe Comedic Fest in July, the Form Art Festival at the end of September, and the Falmouth Reggae Festival in October. Falmouth is also well-known for its nightlife! After eating delicacies from across the globe at one of the many dining options, you have a multitude of pubs and clubs to dance the night away.

Excellent surroundings

Falmouth has the planet’s third deepest coastal harbor (behind Menorca and Sydney). Falmouth boasts its moderate microclimate due to its proximity to the sea. Did you also know it’s stunning? Falmouth has abundant tropical plant life, a castle, beautiful beaches, rowboats, working boats, mega yachts, Tall Ships, and a community unlike any other. It’s also near the stunning Helford River, which is well worth a trip to if you have the opportunity.

Falmouth is a fantastic area with magnificent beaches, untamed headlands, and busy coastal towns to explore. 

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