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Top Landscaping Tips for Property Owners

The landscaping industry is booming, and it can be a great investment for property owners. However, before investing in landscaping clarksvilletn, there are some things you should know about the process of landscape design wentzville mo and installation. Read on to find out more.

Plant tall trees on the perimeter of your property for privacy and shade: In addition to providing shade and increasing cooling, tall trees help enhance privacy by blocking out views of your property from surrounding houses.

Overhead Power Lines

Make sure the landscapers you hire have experience working around overhead power lines. In some cases, the lines are buried underground in areas with a high concentration of utility wires. However, they often run above ground, especially when crossing through neighborhoods or subdivisions. If you haven’t dealt with these types of wires before, make sure your landscaper is comfortable working around them before signing any contracts.

Landscaping Provides More Than Just Curb Appeal

Nothing says “Welcome Home!” like a crisp new swath of grass in need of mowing or newly planted flowers that are about to bloom beautifully If your home is visible from the street or your driveway, you can turn every visit to your house into a beauty pageant by making sure it looks its best.

Prepare And Decompact The Soil Before Planting

To prevent compaction problems in landscaped areas, we recommend using a small-width surface bar rake to “rake” over the soil after each water application. This will remove any compacted soils within one inch of the surface (deeper layers are more likely to be stable). After raking, loosen the top 4 inches of soil with an edger (use of a chisel plow may cause excessive subsoil disturbance which could create erosion conditions) The top soil colorado springs co is very crucial for the healthy growth of your grass. 

Best Time For Installation

The ideal time period for landscape plants installation is during the spring and summer months (April through September). This is because during these months, the ground has thawed well enough for proper planting. Landscape plants will have more time to settle in before winter arrives.

Create An Outdoor Living Area With Furniture Like A Couch, Chairs, Or Tables

A great way to spruce up the appearance of your yard and make it more fun is by purchasing outdoor furniture. Patio chairs, tables, couches, chaise lounges are all excellent options for enjoying the outdoors in the comfort of your own home.

Use the tips in the infographic below to create the perfect outdoor space!

composite deck railing

Infographic provided by NewTechWood America, Inc., a composite deck railing company


Rake Leaves

Leaves can be a landscaping nightmare if they’re not removed promptly from properties. They contain moisture that leads to mold and mildew growth when mixed with standing water or seepage areas and fall into cracks in driveways creating slippery conditions. Use leaf blowers to clear them away before they have a chance to break down in mulch beds and planting areas where their decomposition will cause plant decline or possibly kill plants outright.

Use Well-Drained Garden Soil Or Topsoil When Landscaping

Sands and silts can create problems with drainage in areas prone to heavy rainfalls or snowmelt. They tend to hold water longer than other types of soil, causing a shallow puddle that doesn’t go away until the ground is thoroughly rained on.

Keep It Simple

A lot of people are under the impression that all you need to do is plant pretty flowers and everything else will be okay. This isn’t true because straightforward does not mean primitive; keep your outdoor living area clean and tidy by removing household waste such as garbage, paper towels or cups after you use them. Use decorative patio stones around your home’s foundation along with flower beds for an elegant look without spending too much money.

Incorporate Hardscape Into Your custom landscaping utah county

Hardscape can really liven up a yard. It includes elements like patios, decks, walkways and retaining wall installation minnetonka mn. These features are perfect for adding interest to the landscape by creating an outdoor living space that is conducive to socializing and entertaining.

Make Sure Your Garden Soil Is Wet Enough Before Planting

Wet Garden soil helps prevent compaction from heavy machinery and makes it easier to plant seeds and young plants as well as move large pots of mature plants around if necessary. When starting a project, you don’t want to waste time waiting for the ground to dry out so make sure there’s plenty of moisture in the ground before breaking new land.

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