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Top 4 Industries in Need of Plumbers

Trade jobs are currently in high demand in Australia. One of the industries currently booming right now is the plumbing industry. Many industries are in need of the professional services of licensed and registered plumbers as the demand for highly skilled and technical plumbing services are on the rise, particularly in cities like Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

Rural states are also slowly becoming more urban, undergoing massive developments. With building projects like businesses, hospitals, schools, and residential complexes on the rise, trade workers are needed for the progress of the projects.

The construction and plumbing services sector are significant drivers of economic activity in Australia, and it employs approximately 1.2 million people. Here are the following top 4 industries in need of plumbers.

Construction Industry

Australia has been undergoing massive development, especially in rural states where urbanization is slowly but steadily progressing. Aside from urban cities like Sydney and Melbourne that still keep on developing, rural states are also predicted to have significant growth in the near future.

The construction industry is set to progress and employment in this industry is projected to grow by roughly 12% between 2019 – 2024. This also means that licensed and certified plumbers are needed to make plans for building watering systems and intricate plumbing systems.

The need for an efficient and detailed watering system of hospitals calls for the attention and skills of professional plumbing companies. The same goes for office buildings and residential high-rises. Commercial plumbers and plumbing companies usually take on such projects alongside these construction companies.

Small Businesses Sector

While not as large as the construction industry, small businesses still require professional plumbers and even an emergency plumbing service from time to time to have their plumbing system installed, maintained, and repaired if the situation calls for it.

Their watering system might depend on what business they operate but compared to commercial ones, small businesses have a simpler layout which also helps them keep their plumbing maintenance costs to a minimum. Service and repair plumbers will take a point in keeping their piping system in good condition.

Real Estate Industry

Properties like houses, high-rise condominiums, and apartment complexes require intricate plumbing systems in order to provide water supply to all the residents and tenants. When building these projects, real estate companies employ professional plumbing services to plan and build these plumbing systems appropriate for their property layout.

If a real estate developer is planning to build residential high-rise condominium, residential plumbers will work on a plumbing system appropriate for a residential set-up. If it were an office tower, commercial plumbers will handle working on a plumbing system for public facilities.

Food and Restaurant Industry

Establishments that are quite like hospitals are restaurants and beverage places. These food and drinking establishments require a clean water supply and a hot water system to comply with strict sanitary regulations.

Their systems need to be working properly for these businesses to operate. The complexity of these water systems requires the expertise and skills of a licensed commercial plumber knowledgeable about the various codes and requirements within that city or state.

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