Making Market Moves: The Importance of Skilled Real Estate Agents

In tough times, most people look to cut costs in any way possible. Unfortunately, cost-cutting in real estate by failing to hire an agent can be your worst decision. You might fall prey to scams, or fail to find a property worth your money. As such, a Longboat Key real estate agent is a valuable asset in the sale and purchase of homes and can make the process go smoothly from beginning to end. This article explores some of the roles real estate agents play every day.

Offer Professional Knowledge of Your Area

Longboat Key real estate agent Nicholle McKiernan is a professional familiar with the area’s property values, local communities, and schools. Your agent can advise you on selling your house or locating the ideal property for you.

Thanks to their understanding of area prices and comparable homes, an agent can also help you price your home correctly or warn you if a property you are contemplating is more expensive than usual, which may save you a lot of stress.

Manage the Heavy Lifting

Between work and daily responsibilities, most people do not have time to schedule multiple showings or conduct an infinite search for homes and properties. Thankfully, your real estate agent probably has access to a huge pool of possible buyers through the multiple listing service (MLS) if you are selling, and endless listings if you are buying.

Therefore, your agent can save you a ton of time by identifying properties with open houses within your price range. Additionally, they factor in your preferences to identify houses in neighborhoods with excellent schools, pools, and other amenities that are important to you.

Help with the Mortgage Process

Getting preapproved for loans is a key step in the home buying process; thus, having a real estate agent can be quite helpful. Your agent has probably worked with various mortgage lenders and can help you navigate the mortgage process. Likewise, if you sell your house, your agent can work with listing agents to ensure prospective buyers get mortgage preapprovals.

Steer Negotiations

If a home inspection or appraisal uncovers hidden flaws in the property, your agent can help you negotiate replacements and repairs. A good real estate agent knows how to bargain with property owners or prospective buyers, and facilitate a compromise before finalizing the sale.

The same goes for home buyers. An agent will try and secure the best deal. A good agent will always have a fallback plan if the negotiations fail.

Help with Paperwork and Closing

Whether selling or buying homes for sale in Longboat Key, expect lots of paperwork. And if it is your first time, you will be unfamiliar with most of them.

Your agent will ensure timely completion of your paperwork, cross-checking that everything is filled out correctly and that you address any lingering concerns as soon as possible. The closing process might confuse both parties, but having an agent makes it all smooth and easy.

Work with Nicholle McKiernan Collection to Find Your Dream Home

Now that you understand the role of a real estate agent, you can decide if working with one is the best option for you. Nicholle McKiernan Collection has an eye for architectural finesse and can help you determine the best Longboat Key home. Your agent will do all the legwork for you without risking losing money or wasting time on poor leads. Contact Nicholle McKiernan Collection today!

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