The History of Wrought Iron Fencing

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Understanding the many different types of wrought iron fence designs that are available is essential. You may locate a lovely fence in the yard if you know what to look for. You’ll discover the importance of wrought iron fences and their lengthy and interesting history.

The Original Iron Fence

The first wrought iron railings did not exist until the fifteenth century, although blast furnaces were essential in their production. Churches and other places of worship were the locations where some of the first instances were found. Even though steel was readily available at the time, wrought iron continued to be extensively utilized until the late nineteenth century. After new production techniques were introduced in the middle of the 18th century, cast iron railings did not become widely used until the second half of the century.

Cast iron’s extensive use may have been influenced in large part by the Adams brothers. They rapidly understood that metal could be easily molded into identifiable shapes. Cast iron, however, was hardly ever employed as an exterior decorative element before around 1850. Cast iron became more popular throughout the Victorian era, and architects frequently employed it in the creation of Victorian gates, railings, panels, and the ornamental accents that went with them.

Victorian homes were often large, opulent buildings that proudly proclaimed the wealth of their owners through the use of tiled garden walks, gates, and railings.

There are many applications for both cast iron and wrought iron. Victorian gates and railings, which are still present on terraced homes all throughout the nation, were created to separate private property from public streets and to increase the security of the residents.

Traditional ironwork is frequently used as a decorative element, balustrade or railing, or terrace gate to adorn the structure. This highlights the construction’s overall beauty. Some people attribute the impact of the style to the “gentle phase” of Victorian craftsmanship, which saw the meticulous creation of aesthetically beautiful, high-quality objects. This is due to the careful production of visually pleasing items throughout this historical era. Cast iron fences and gates saw a sharp rise in demand as a result.

a fence with a dome top

Some of the older wrought iron fences have tops with rounded arches. Modern design patterns, especially those from antiquity, may be attributed to their Greek and Roman ancestors. They could give the interior of your house a neo-classical or Victorian vibe. As a result, a lot of individuals think that adding an arched-top fence might improve a home’s aesthetic appeal. The parallel rows of vertical posts used to construct these fences are linked in the form of an arc or a half-circle. The design may be modified to satisfy the requirements of certain customers, enabling it to cater to a wide audience.

Metal Covers and Lids

As the name suggests, this style of wrought iron fence may be identified by the constrained spaces created by the pickets that are placed in between the fence’s vertical posts. These are rather apparent regions. A metal gate will be possible to erect, but once it is finished, there won’t be any way to look through it since the space in between the rails will be filled in. This is a great option to consider if your yard’s privacy is important to you. It’s critical to talk over your options with a fence builder in order to choose a style that meets your requirements.

Made-from-Decorated Wrought Iron Fencing


The aesthetic attractiveness of this wrought iron fence might be improved by adding numerous designs, such as logos, arches, medallions, and so on. Since talented craftsmen started embossing eye-catching patterns into wrought iron fenceposts, decorative wrought iron fences have gained popularity. When homeowners select this option, they have the freedom to customize their gates anyway they see fit, including by adding custom designs and logos. Wrought iron fences may be powder painted and embellished in a variety of ways.

Building a Basic Iron Fence

Straight-topped arched wrought-iron fences are both visually beautiful and practical. This ironwork, which is both basic and complicated in its design, is commonly employed in the security industry. The fence looks like an arrow because of the sharply pointed finials on the fenceposts.

Any type of wrought iron fence you install will improve the aesthetics of your home or place of business. The next obvious step in this reasoning is to include a garden landscaping element on your property. The region would become a little replica of heaven and its beauty would be substantially increased.

Construction of a Wrought Iron Fence

A wrought iron fence is a beautiful addition to the exterior of any home and serves a number of practical functions as well. Significant places like colleges, industries, and opulent residential developments are frequently surrounded by wrought iron walls. As you learn more about various kinds of fences, take into account the following benefits of wrought iron fences.

Your wrought iron fence’s ability to defend your property and offer solitude will depend on a number of factors, including its style and height. Wrought iron fences with lovely designs have the ability to block the view from inside your home when combined with rich plants.

A wrought iron fence is one of the greatest security options since it is so hard to scale. The best option to safeguard your house and garden is to install a towering wrought-iron fence around your property with closely spaced posts.

Consider wrought iron if you’re searching for a fence since it takes less maintenance than alternatives like wood or PVC. The surface only has to be painted a few times per few years because it can withstand the effects of weather. A wrought iron fence is durable and will outlive other types of fencing because of how long it will stay.

Additionally, compared to timber fences, wrought iron fences require far less maintenance. It will be considerably simpler to replace or repair just the twisted or broken component of the fence if only a small area of the fence is damaged. The fence will undoubtedly need to be rebuilt if it is harmed in any way.

Due to how easily they can be recycled or used again if they need to be repaired or rebuilt, wrought iron fences are typically thought of as an ecologically friendly alternative. It is durable and long-lasting, so changing it every few years doesn’t incur a cost. A wrought iron fence being torn down is unique. However, its average durability is unmatched.


Fences made of wrought iron are no longer as indicative of wealth and success as they once were. These fences are now generally available for purchase by all clients due to their affordable price. Another quality that adds to their great favor among property owners is their durability. Speak with an expert about the procedure if you want to have a wrought iron fence constructed around your house. Please visit www.buttefence.com for additional information about fencing.

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