Planning to Buy Photo Prints for House Decor? Then, Here’s Why You Should Be Buying Metal Photo Prints 

Photo printing on metal, glass, and acrylic are the 3 best ways that are far more superior than paper prints and canvas prints. Whilst all these 3 have their exclusive significance, it’s the metal photo prints that we will be discussing in this guide. So, if you’ve been inclined to purchase them but aren’t really sure if they’re worth the investment, then here’s the guide that’ll resolve all your queries. Have a look! 

Why Metal Photo Prints Only? 

This is the first question that comes to mind since there are so many other options. And the answer is, Big Acrylic metal prints on aluminum are made on dibond where the dye seeps underneath the aluminum surface. And the benefits of this are innumerable and listed below. 

  • Since the dye is on the inside, there’s no chance that it will ever peel or scratch. Hence, metal photo prints last longer and remain true to their color and texture. 
  • Since the dye is on the inside, it’s easy to clean dust from the photo print without damaging the picture underneath. 

Now that you know what makes metal photo prints so popular, it’s time that we take you through the astounding features that make them a suitable option for your house – indoors as well as outdoors. 

Features that Make Metal Photo Prints Worth the Investment 

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Customizable

The best thing about aluminium is that it is lightweight and can, thus, be easily cut into different sizes and in different shapes. And, the experts at firms like Big Acrylic can offer:

  • Size customization up-to 60” x 90”.
  • Different cuts in square, circle, oval, and many more shapes according to what you choose. 

You can have a look at some of the best options provided at this firm on their website, https://bigacrylic.com/

  1. Metal Photo Prints are Weather Resistant 

Aluminum can withstand heat as well as water. As a result of this the dye doesn’t melt or smudge when in a metal photo print on dibond. This is also one of the biggest reasons that metal photo prints are best for exteriors.

  1. Metal Photo Prints Offer Variety in Texture and Finish 

Metal photo prints at Big Acrylic are of the following 2 types.  

  1. White Metal Print – These are super vibrant prints that are bright and have a high contrast ratio. 
  2. Brushed Metal Print – Some places in this type that are left white give a brushed appearance to the entire picture.

All in all, the metal photo prints at Big Acrylic are absolutely worth the investment whether you need them for interiors or for outdoor decor. 

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