Solar Energy

Is Solar Battery Storage Worthwhile?

Solar panels are increasing in popularity and have been for several years now. There are just under a million properties in the UK that use the technology and as we look at energy bills increasing to high levels throughout the country, taking more control over the situation and installing solar panels to create energy at home or at your workplace is becoming a much more appealing proposition for many homeowners.  

You’ll probably have a few questions before deciding on purchasing or hiring a solar panel system and solar battery storage. We’ve put together a short guide to provide you with the basics. 

The benefits of solar battery storage

There are a few good reasons why your business might be interested in either investing in renewable energy alternatives or looking to hire solar battery storage phoenix az to assist at various points along a project journey.

Improve the effectiveness of solar panels – A solar battery will increase the efficiency of your solar panel system, as those without a battery lose around 50% of the power that the panels are producing. 

Long lifecycle – As solar batteries usually last between 10-15 years in top condition it is easy to see why it is such an attractive option to add to solar panel installation at your home or workplace.

Reduce carbon emissions – using solar panels and solar battery storage helps to reduce the carbon footprint of your home or business. Reducing your reliance on the national grid helps to lower your carbon emissions and do your bit for changing habits and helping save the future of the planet.

Reduce your energy bills–with electricity costs skyrocketing in recent times and set to increase further this year and next, moving to a solar panel system with solar battery storage will help to significantly reduce your energy bills. 

Solar batteries allow you to store solar energy, rather than letting any excess energy go back to the grid. What this means, is that you have access to an even greater amount of solar energy being produced, maximising your output, and reducing carbon emissions and energy bills in the process.

Hiring solar energy and battery storage for your business

For many businesses there is a desire to invest in solar energy and other renewable energy sources, but no clear idea of how to go about it in an effective manner. Within some industries and projects there might be a need to utilise solar power and solar battery storage at certain times, rather than a constant requirement. In these instances, it makes sense to hire from specialists in the field, agreeing economically viable solutions that match your energy consumption and demand. 

A desire to reduce carbon emissions and energy bills can be difficult for some businesses. Hiring renewable energy as and when it is required helps to alleviate some of the issues surrounding this, utilising the expert knowledge and latest models of solar battery storage that provides that excess solar energy to be used for emergencies or overnight on certain sites and projects. 

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