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How to choose a table lamp

Whether it has a purely decorative purpose or, on the contrary, it is given a very practical use, the table lamp is an unavoidable companion in most interiors. Desk, bedside table, living room. How to choose your designer table lamp well without making any mistakes in bad taste?

  1. Why be tempted to buy a small table lamp?

A atollo lamp replica, as its name suggests, is opposed to other lamps, such as the ceiling lamp or the floor lamp, because it is intended to remain on a piece of furniture. This feature automatically gives it a strong decorative dimension, which helps to enhance the furnishings of the room and at the same time configure its atmosphere.

The colour and shape of the lampshade, the intensity of the lighting or even the general style of the table lamp are criteria to take into account when choosing correctly!

  1. Table lamp: what size?

Before choosing among the countless table lamp models available for sale, you can apply a first filter by selecting only the lamps with dimensions adapted to the furniture for which they are intended. Remember these basic rules well:

– It is usually recommended not to exceed a total height of 150 cm including the furniture and the desk or bedside table lamp.

– If you want to place several table lamps next to each other, find a uniform height and avoid differences of more than 5 cm.

– Whether it is about the base or the lampshade, the chosen lamp must not overflow with respect to the furniture so as not to obstruct the circulation in the room or give an excessively voluminous impression.

  1. Types of lighting and rooms

The ideal lighting intensity will not be the same depending on the room where the table lamp is to be placed.

For a bedroom bedside lamp, choose a soft light, but enough to read. A desk lamp can afford to offer much more intense illumination if necessary, preferably with an adjustable tube. The living room lamp, finally, will logically auxiliary light and, therefore, its role is to create a screening and welcoming atmosphere.

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