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Effective HDB Aircon Installation Guide In Singapore

air conditioning repair murrieta ca On the internet, options are now aplenty when you are looking for proper aircon installation. In Singapore, there are a lot of companies available who can install an air conditioner in your HDB. If you are looking to install an aircon for your home, here are the things that you will need to know.

  • Metal Brackets

An aircon ledge is not available in the HDB and therefore, the use of metal brackets is important. You can purchase these brackets in the market at $150.

  • Proper Electrical Points

Generally,a 15amp 3 round pin plug or a 20 amp isolator is important for installing the aircon. But when it comes to the HDB, the usage of a 3 round pin plug is safer. In regards to HDB aircon installation, there are some guidelines and regulations in Singapore that you will need to consult experts for. For that, it is best to engage a professional to solve this issue for you.

  • The BTU of Each Room

For efficient cooling of the house, you will need to know about the aircon’s BTU. The more BTU you can install, the more coverage area you will have in terms of aircon performance.

An aircon with 12000 btu is to be used for 3 room flats.

An aircon with 18000 btu is to be used for 4 room HDB flats

An aircon with 24000 btu is to be used for 5 room HDB flats.

Materials Needed for Aircon Installation

There are 5 materials needed for an aircon installation:

  • Copper pipe
  • Armaflex insulation
  • Cable
  • Water pipe
  • Trunkingor casing

AS professional aircon installation services are now aplenty in Singapore, youwill not have to go through the trouble ofgathering all of these materials yourself. These professional servicesare just one call away from you.

As your air conditioning system represents a large investment, always choose a skilled service for its installation. A quality installation prevents early breakdowns and various malfunctions, so the search for a trusted technician must be carried out seriously. This is not always easy, as the market is flooded with professionals. You will have to take time to eliminate bad craftsmen and rogue technicians from your prospective list. Fortunately, however, simple research will confidently allow you to find the right installer.


The installation of an air conditioning system is legally regulated and must be entrusted to a certified professional. It is the refrigeration engineer who has the necessary skills concerning the handling and management of refrigerant fluids. He will then be able to advise you on the choice of the most suitable air conditioning unit according to your needs and the configuration of the refrigerant.

This professional is strictly required to refer to the standards in force when installing an air conditioning system. It is essential that he has undergone training before exercising the task. He must also be informed about the evolution of the legislation governing refrigerating fluids, because these are often considered harmful to the environment. Finally, an aircon servicing professional has other technical skills related to electricity, masonry or plumbing. He will often have to pierce the ceiling, organize the electrical network and set up the evacuation system during the aircon installing procedure.

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