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Cracks in the pool: Step-by-Step Repair With swimming pool contractors Montgomery

Even while it won’t happen often, it’s possible that your pool’s step may crack once over its useful life span. The good news is that repairing a broken pool step is a rather simple process that you can do on your own. This post will offer a detailed explanation of how to fix cracks in pool stairs, along with some illustrations to help clarify the steps.

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Get rid of the H2O Your pool step may be repaired once it has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry. To do this, drain your pool until the water level is at least a few inches below the damaged part. If you want the greatest results while replacing the liner, it’s better to do the repairs in stages. Do not completely drain the pool if you are not planning to replace the liner. If you don’t want to replace your liner, you may save money by lowering the water level just enough to make the required repairs. As you choose the swimming pool contractors Montgomery service you can expect the best results.

Locate the Systemic Flaw

In the next image, you can see that the step has a crack that, despite previous repairs, now requires further attention.

Purge and prepare

To begin, dry the damaged area with a towel or a hair drier. When touched, it must feel dry. Use a putty knife or scraper to remove any big debris from the surface. Remove the broken section by grinding it out with a stone bit that rotates from end to end. Use sandpaper with a grit of 100 to smooth and level the area around the fracture, dulling the fibreglass in the process.

Use a Fibreglass Patching Kit

Fibreglass repair kits often come in packages with instructions, and those instructions may or may not be identical from one kit to the next. Take the time to study the included instructions and implement them precisely. As an example of a safe and effective repair, we’ll apply a mesh patch from the included kit.

Sand and a Smooth as Silk Expense

Sand and smooth the repair after applying the fibreglass repair kit and letting it cure for the recommended amount of time. For this job, a piece of sandpaper should be enough; nevertheless, we recommend that you use a dust mask to protect your lungs from any fibreglass dust that may be in the air. When the damaged area is smooth to the touch and at the same level as the rest of the steps, the sanding procedure is complete.

Paint over or recoat

After you’re done sanding, clean the area by wiping it down with a dry towel to get rid of dust, debris, and moisture. You may use masking tape to safeguard the margins of the coping or lining that will be in close proximity to the area you will be painting.


Use a paint roller to spread the epoxy paint evenly, and then switch to a paint brush to go in tight around the corners. It will take anything from four to eight hours for the first application to dry completely on a bright day. Put on another coat of paint. Applying two coats of paint on the same day is ideal if you don’t intend to change your liner very soon. This is necessary since you need to fill your pool as quickly as possible.

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