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Building a Pool? Pay Attention to These Things

A swimming pool is great for cooling off on hot summer days, relaxing, entertaining family and friends, exercising, and having fun. But, it is a huge investment much like your home or car. This makes it important to do your homework first before you drive in. Here are some factors you must think about when building a pool on your property:

Zoning Laws

Check local zoning codes to verify that you can construct a pool on your property. Find out also if there are any restrictions regarding your plans like the placement of the pool, its size, or safety requirements. Ensure you have a clear understanding of all the zoning codes and get the necessary permits before breaking ground.

Safety Measures

Typically, local codes require the installation of a safety fence or barrier around the swimming pool. Also, you may want to include other safety devices, particularly if you have kids. For example, consider childproof locks on gates, alarms that alert you when somebody enters the water, or security alarms on windows to the backyard.  Piscine De Mone will ensure your pool is safely constructed and can install the safety devices you want to be added to it.

Kinds of Pool

You can choose from a wide variety of pools available. Being aware of your choices and their specifications will help you understand your pool builder’s language and be more confident about the decisions you make. 

Typically, an in-ground pool costs more money and time to construct. But, it is considered more luxurious, has a longer life span, and is designed to fit any shape or size yard. Also, there are many accessories and features available. 

While an above-ground is less expensive than its in-ground counterpart, its lifespan is not as long. It is made with aluminum, steel, or resin sidings with vinyl liners. It can be assembled and dismantled easily and can be taken with you when you move. 

If you want to install a hot tub or spa to relax after a stressful day of work, you have two types of options to choose from. A portable spa is above ground, easy to install, and costs less. A permanent spa is built in the ground and is often made of concrete much like an in-ground pool. 

Possible Costs of Installing an In-Ground Pool

On average, the cost of installing and equipping a 600 sq ft concrete or gunite pool begins at around $30, 000. Details such as safety fences, water features, lighting, diving boards, landscaping, patio, a spa, and a heater can cost you a total close to $100, 000. Plus, you must add extra energy costs and maintenance costs to your budget. 

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