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Budget-friendly tree removal- Tips for cost-effective solutions 

Removing a damaged, diseased, or problematic tree improves safety and aesthetics on your property. However, the cost of professional tree removal services can stretch budgets, especially for large tree takedowns. How do cost-conscious homeowners get necessary tree work done affordably? 

Shop around for quotes

Tree removal estimates vary widely between companies based on experience levels, overhead costs, demand, and more. Always get quotes from 3-5 tree services in your area to compare rates. Be sure the scope of work is clearly defined. Remember that very lowball estimates may indicate corner-cutting. Select a fair quote from an established company. Ask for military, senior, or other discounts you may qualify for.

Time your removal strategically 

During peak seasons like summer, demand for tree services surges, allowing companies to charge higher prices. By scheduling the removal during slower seasons like late fall to early spring, you gain bargaining power and may receive reduced rates from companies eager to fill their schedule. Just ensure weather conditions are suitable for tree removal work during the timeframe selected.

Consider tree size 

The size of the tree is a major cost determinant since larger trees require more complex removal processes, equipment, time, and disposal needs. Getting estimates for smaller tree removals or pruning/trimming may fit your budget better than taking down massive, expensive legacy trees. Prioritize removals starting with smaller trees if necessary.  

Evaluate the scope of work

Tree removal quotes have several components that add costs. Some services to consider exclude: stump grinding, debris chipping/hauling, extensive landscaping restoration, tree replanting, or expensive liability insurance upgrades. If these services stretch your budget, request quotes excluding them and handle tasks like debris disposal or stump removal later if feasible.

Discuss payment plans

The major removals, paying the lump sum upfront may be challenging. Ask companies if installment plans or post-job payments are possible to spread costs over time. Make sure payment terms and timelines are formalized in the written contract, and get lien releases as payments are made. This way, you will not have to worry about stretching your budget.

Provide access 

The Empire Tree & Turf site lacks easy access, extensive use of aerial lifts, cranes, traffic control, or special rigging techniques may be needed, at a higher cost. Scout ways to provide clearer equipment access like a temporary access road or entry point through a fence. It allows a simpler, less expensive removal.

Shop equipment rentals

While DIY removal is not advised, you may save substantially by renting basic equipment like a chainsaw, ladder, or small aerial lift yourself, then hiring an insured pro to operate them safely to fall and dispose of the tree. Research rental rates to compare the potential savings vs using the company’s gear. 

Salvage the wood

It may be possible to locally sell or repurpose the removed tree’s wood through sawmills, woodworkers, craftspeople, or those wanting firewood. While managing this requires more legwork, proceeds help offset removal costs. Ensure you legally take ownership of the tree to sell it.

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