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Bathtubs: An Ideal Way to Enhance Your Bathing


Soaking in a tub after a long tiring day seems to wash away all your worries. Apart from delivering a relaxing experience, bathtubs also offer various other benefits. Scroll through this article to understand how bathtubs can offer an elevated bathing experience inside your home.

1.   Promotes Better Sleep

Soaking in a hot tub before bed can help you get profound sleep. Moreover, you will also be able to fall asleep faster after a bath.

During the day, your body temperature keeps fluctuating. But your body temperature should fall one or two degrees to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. Getting warm and cozy helps cool down your temperature.

Soaking your body in hot water will help bring blood to the surface. It will ensure that heat gets pulled out from inside your body and your body temperature falls to relax your mind.

2.   Exfoliate and Get Silky Smooth Skin

The primary purpose of taking a bath is to clean yourself. Bathtubs are perfect for cleaning your skin, soothing irritation, and preventing the accumulation of dead skin cells. Bathing can also help remove bacteria and fungi on your skin and reduce the risk of infection.

Bathtubs are also perfect for a close shave and exfoliating your body. Soaking in a bathtub can automatically soften your skin. But the added benefit of exfoliation and shaving can make your skin silky smooth.

Bathing in a hot tub can also help open your pores. It helps remove the dirt and grime build-up on the surface of your skin. As a result, your soap will be able to penetrate deeper and do its job.

3.   Relax Your Muscles and Joints

After a tiring day at work or an intense workout session, your muscles might feel sore and achy. Bathtubs often come with jets that can massage and relax your tight and tense muscles. It will ensure that you can bid adieu to muscle pain. Additionally, soaking in a bathtub before exercising can also reduce the risk of injury.

People with arthritis can benefit largely due to the heat and massaging action in a bathtub. The strategically placed jets inside a bathtub can provide relief from stiffness and swelling in the joints. Soaking in a bathtub every day can relieve joint pain and improve your range of motion.

4.   Great for Your Mental and Emotional Health

Soaking in a bathtub with soothing music, scented candles, and your favorite book can be the perfect definition of me-time. Spending around half an hour in a bathtub can reduce your stress and emotional burden. Remember that stress has various negative implications on your mental as well as physical health.

Stress can contribute to the following ailments:

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Sore muscles
  • Acid reflux
  • Hair loss
  • Weak immune system
  • Weight gain

A relaxing bath can lower the stress hormones in your body. It will help balance your serotonin levels, which influence your mood. Furthermore, soaking in warm baths can largely benefit individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders.

Final Thoughts

Several people prefer bathtubs over traditional showers for a spa-like experience at home. If you are planning to install bathtubs in your home, Kohler has a fascinating collection for you. From freestanding to drop-in baths, you will be able to discover it all. Browse through the collection of bathtubs and pick the right style and size for your bathroom today!

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