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A Guide to Choosing the Ideal Brick for Your Space

As you pass the vibrant streets of West Jordan, UT, you are enamored by the infrastructure. But even with all the modern architecture surrounding you, something draws you to a building consisting of red bricks. What is the cause for this sense of fascination?

Although there isn’t a definitive answer for that, bricks, especially synthetic ones, are some of the most attractive and essential materials for building structures. Numerous suppliers are offering synthetic brick material in West Jordan, UT, contributing to its popularity.

But how do you know which material is suitable for your space?

Which Brick is Ideal for You?

Before zeroing in on the material for your space, let’s visit the basics. Bricks are structures that are primarily machine-made or hand-made. Both types possess similar structures and follow the same safety standards. Then, where does the difference lie?

Machine-made bricks are usually produced in bulk and offer a cheaper alternative. You can find them on structures requiring a cleaner and smoother finish. They are also more uniform in shape, allowing the facilities to maintain consistency throughout their area.

On the other hand, hand-made bricks appear more personalized. As a resident of West Jordan, you might be familiar with the historic Gardner Village, known for its historic structures. Many of these structures utilize hand-made bricks, allowing for a more authentic charm.

Ultimately, the choice of brick depends on the look you aim to create in your space.

Which Colour Should You Choose?

Synthetic brick material in West Jordan, UT, boasts numerous colors, with the option to customize the hue, texture, and blend according to your convenience. Naturally, red is the most traditional color, commonly found everywhere in the world. It is synonymous with a traditional or vintage look.

The next commonly observed color is perhaps brown or tan, which gives off a timeless, earthy, and natural aesthetic to the area. Similarly, white is a hue that has been increasing in popularity over the years, representing a cleaner and modern look. In West Jordan, UT, you will find numerous restaurants and stores with white bricks dotting their interiors.

Along with white, black has also emerged as a sleek, monochromatic color for bricks. It is still enjoying an experimental phase, with numerous West Jordan residents utilizing it with yellow window doors and frames to create a contrasting look.

How can you Decide on the Appropriate Mortar Joint?

Mortar joints are spaces between the brick blocks filled with a grout mixture. It is especially relevant in finalizing the look of your structure. Mortar joints come in different patterns and are responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of the wall or the building.

In West Jordan, UT, you can find a range of mortar joints, such as struck, concave, weather, and V-shaped. You should choose your mortar joint shape after deciding on the aesthetics of your space and consult a professional to make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

Along with its natural landscape, West Jordan, UT, is also home to world-renowned structures that add to its reputation. As a citizen, you can take inspiration from these structures to decide on the brick style for your space.

So, take a tour around your city and contact a reliable brick supplier now!

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