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8 Simple Home Improvement Tips

Having a home that feels comfortable and stylish doesn’t require years of interior design experience. In fact, many homes are only a few short improvements away from improving their functionality, aesthetics, and value. To show you how your property can be made to feel even better, we’re sharing eight simple home improvement tips that every homeowner should know.

Improve Your Glow

Lightbulbs have a range of temperatures. This doesn’t refer to their heat emission but their colour and impression on a space. Warm bulbs, for example, can make a room feel instantly cosy and even more relaxing. While these bulbs are generally preferred by residents, many properties are fitted with standard bulbs that are much colder, emitting a stark blueish light that illuminates a space with greater power. Since you won’t be trying to market your home anytime soon, be sure to replace these bulbs with warmer alternatives.

Paint And Refresh

Changing the colour of walls has a psychological effect. It can help spaces to feel new and improved, as well as closer to the personality of those living there. This also applies to the exterior of a home too, with a bold colour helping a home to stand out among the neighbourhood.

Choose Your Shed

Do you really need a shed? This question is increasingly common as new generations realise that they no longer require the external storage space their parents did. Now, log cabins and summer houses are being celebrated, giving residents the opportunity to create new living spaces in their gardens.

Embrace Nature

Living spaces that embrace natural themes and designs have been shown to improve well-being. This is why houseplants are so popular! Be sure to keep an element of the outdoors within your home or risk a property feeling too industrial and cold.

Furniture Maintenance

Whether the fabric of a sofa or the finish of wood, furniture will, over the years, require upkeep to keep it looking great. Small considerations here and there, such as reupholstery and the application of a fresh finish can make significant differences in visuals and help furniture to last even longer.

Clean Out

Decluttering is a task that every homeowner should embark upon at least once a year. In addition to creating more space within a property, which is important for reducing stress, decluttering can also help create room for other renovation projects, revealing different possible layouts and interior design ideas.

Consider Your Water

Whether replacing a showerhead to improve water flow or adding a filter to your kitchen taps to benefit taste, taking the time to consider your home’s water can dramatically improve your overall happiness, especially if it means feeling better with every shower!

Deep Clean Carpets

Without realising it, many homes develop a certain aroma. Much of this scent comes from the accumulated character of heavy fabrics, such as rugs, carpets, and curtains. If these are not regularly cleaned, the aroma they emit can be rather unpleasant. Cleaning them, thankfully, doesn’t require professionals and there are now a number of options available to homeowners that can do the job.

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