5 Best Kitchen Remodeling Designs that You’ll Fall in Love With

The necessity of having a well planned kitchen is enormous. That’s because a healthy life begins in a healthy kitchen. A dirty and unkempt kitchen is extremely harmful for the health of your family. Besides, having an unorganized kitchen also makes things hard and frustrating for the person who’s cooking. So, what’s the solution? If that’s what you’ve been thinking as well, then kitchen remodeling in Colorado Springs CO is the answer.

We have made this guide today to take you through some of the most fantastic designs for kitchen remodelinglosangeles ca and models done by Kitchen Wholesalers. Before we start, an honor mention to this beautiful bespoke Italian glass kitchen done by Hugo Homes Singapore. Have a look!

1. The Milano White Kitchen

This all-white kitchen – starting at just $5,238.72 for a 10X10 kitchen – has an air of contemporary freshness. Some of its best features are:

  • Full lay dovetail drawers.
  • Full lay doors.
  • Grade A plywood shelves.
  • Contemporary style doors with reversed raised panels.

2. The Dover Shail Kitchen

This elegant kitchen remodel jacksonville fl– starting at just $5,401.90 for a 10X10 kitchen – has a rustic style. It’s made in rich tones of wood and is a brilliant option for renovating traditional kitchens. Some of its lavish features that make it trendy include the following.

  • The doors are made with Solid Birch Wood.
  • The reversed raised center panels are made with veneered MDF.
  • The drawer boxes have a dovetail design.

3. The Brentwood Kitchen

This brilliant kitchen design – starting at just $3932.74 for a 10X10 kitchen – is a stunning representation of cabinets and doors that are made with solid wood. Some of the features that make these cabinets so durable are listed below. Have a look!

  • Fully extending drawer boxes.
  • Tasteful solid wood frames.
  • All wood construction.
  • Fully concealed hinges for a flawless finish.

4. The Sydney Kitchen

This beautiful and trendy kitchen – starting at just $4,995.36 for a 10X10 kitchen – features flat panels. Some other features that make this kitchen different than many other types are listed below.

  • The shelves as well as the cabinet doors are made with grade A plywood.
  • The drawers have fully extendable undermount glides.
  • The cabinets have adjustable European style hinges.

5. Wheaton Kitchen

This luxurious style – starting at just $6741.00 for a 10X10 kitchen – is a baby of tasteful traditional kitchens and classy contemporary kitchens. It has soft delicate textures and tones and some of its unmissable features are listed below.

  • It has beveled glass doors.
  • The drawer boxes are made with grade A plywood.
  • The cabinets have carved corbels and turn posts.

These are our top 5 picks for the week. You can, though, also visit their website, http://kitchenwholesalers.ca/ for more designs and ideas.

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